Double click for full screen - Kodinkoneviikot 2021 Q1


YouTube video ad I made for - Kodinkoneviikot 2021 Q1 campaing.
This ad was run on YouTube together with another ad with Manuaali Make intro scene. I have the same intro here multiple times so no point adding it again.

I made two versions mostly because currently, uses the same Luolaihmiset intro scenes in all of the tv ads, but this time we also had some YouTube budget as well and I wanted to use this 3D scene Simon made for me over a year ago, but we end up not using it at all. So I saw a chance to finally put it to good use. This way we can also a/b test which ad works better on YouTube.

I'm glad we finally end up using this 3D intro because Simon worked so long with this and he rarely gets to do any 3D stuff for us. I guess I should finally continue learning to do 3D myself and I am actually learning to use 3D particle effects currently, but I really need to learn 3D modeling as well.
My free time is currently reserved for my own 2D animation project and learning Python, so there is just a little time to learn anything else.

Creative team

Composition, motion graphics, final editing and rendering: Riku Forsman
Speaker & sound: Sami Virkki
3D animation: Simon Varisto

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