The first photoshoot of the year with Päivi


Even though the weather was still a bit too chilly we decided to be brave and go outside shooting with Päivi. This time I gave completely free hands to the model to choose the photoshoot theme and the location which was interesting because I had no way to prepare myself for what was to come. This is a very similar situation when shooting at events that gives the me excitement. I do still like to plan shoots when there's something specific I want to create, but it's also good to step outside my comfort zone from time to time.

Luckily Päivi chose to shoot at Vartiokylän linnavuori which is right next to my old home and I knew the area much better than any random forest. Her first idea was to shoot in the bunker trenches, but they were still filled with the snow and I didn't take anything smaller than my trusted 75mm GM lens with me which requires shooting a bit further away than it was possible there.

We didn't let that bother us and we used what we had which was that nice spring forest and rocks adding cool grey hues to the photos. Something that is completely opposite of what I normally shoot with tons of colors.

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