Neonya!! Party Tropical Rave 2022 @Tiivistämö, Helsinki


Last weekend I had the pleasure to take photos of these amazing party people at Tiivistämö for the Neonya!! Party Tropical Rave. Previously I was shooting there during the Neonya!! Party Halloween and even though the scene itself isn't really my thing I really like the music (especially electro-swing during the Kehveli performance) and the overall performance of the DJs. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed and helped me to take some of these shots!

Neonya!! Party Tropical Rave schedule

The biggest difference from the last time was that now I knew the best locations to shoot from and photographing felt like going on automation. The only new thing was the new lights on both stages that had these little LEDs creating really cool light beams when using an anamorphic filter on my lens.

Because these club events usually have only little light to work with and sometimes they only flash quickly. I had to take tons (literally) of shots to time the shot perfectly. I used to use burst mode, but that way I get photos way too fast and the frame count gets even higher. So now I just manually take 3-6 photos each time. Overall it seems I'm getting a fairly consistent amount of photos per night even when the conditions are not perfect for it and I gotta admit it really boosts my confidence doing this more and more.