Neonya Party Halloween 2021


I was invited by DJ Hexexen to photograph this event for Tokio Underground-inspired Halloween party he was organizing together with SadeN.

I am here to offer you some of the best shots that I took throughout the night in Neonya!!! Party Halloween. Because the latest firmware update of my camera caused issues with my auto-focus, I had to use manual focus for the whole night, which was challenging, but I really loved getting challenged like that.

As a creative with a marketing background, I always try to take event photos so they make the event look big and wild, no matter how big or small the event really was.

I used to use a lot of long exposure with on-camera flash, but in some events using flash isn’t allowed at all and even though in this one I wasn’t denied using flash, there was a crew filming the event and I didn’t want to ruin their footage with strobing.

Instead, I used PrismFX anamorphic filter to create those cool long light flares. Using it together with a mist filter softens the lights and adds a bit of a retro feel to them.

This is mostly just a creative opinion, but I personally prefer slightly soft-focus instead of really hard, precise focus in event photos.

Soft focus is also more flattering to party people because it also works for skin and not just for lights. It would take tons of more time to edit all the photos if I started making everyone in the photos look flattering from crisp and clear photos. This way, I save tons of time for the client, and they get their photos much faster.

This event is for all who are looking for a vibrant environment with great music and lots of fun!