Tiia Määttänen - Ilmatar


This shoot was based on Tiia's request for maternity photos and the brainstorming took the direction from Kalevala. We fit the theme with Ilmatar's character and because all of the paintings show her laying the stormy water, we wanted to do something similar. Because Tiia was pregnant and in her last weeks before giving birth, I didn't want to put her into stormy waters like in the paintings even though the weather was rather stormy for weeks when we tried to find a good moment to shoot these. Finally, there was a weekend with a chance of seeing some sun and we went to Fiskars which is really close to my childhood home and found this very shallow part of the river which also had an amazing background.

Everything started well, but right we were starting to shoot the main shots we had planned it started pouring water and we had to stop completely for a short while. After that, she started getting cold and I realized we really need to finish right now, so she wouldn't get sick while pregnant and I just took a couple of last shorts including the one her laying down in the water.

This shoot had its challenges, but it was also a great experience and I seriously want to shoot there again one day.