Hallanmaa 2021 - Photoshoot on top of the videoshoot


After shooting a video of the dance performance last December, Hallanmaa dancers requested me to quickly shoot a few still photos.

I only had my video lights with me, but I made them work and this shoot was closer to a school photoshoots than anything I usually do. But I think these types of photoshoots are the ones that truly test my skills as a photographer because I need to know what and how to do them to get good results.

I think all the dancers did great work posing for photos after dancing a few hours straight and I'm mostly happy with the results. Of course, if there was more time I'd had worked on these a lot more, but I only shot a few frames from each model because we were already working on extra time.

Hallanmaa dance video will be seen first at Ascension 2022 - Virtual Dark Fusion Dance Festival and I'll publish it in Samael Creative channels the next day.
You may join the virtual event HERE

Hallanmaa is led by Anni Dohlen and you can follow her and Hallanmaa on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AnniDohlen