A Quick Visit to American Car Show 2022


American Car Show used to be almost like an eastern tradition for me when I was younger. I can't even remember how old I was when I got my first visit there, but let's just say I was a lot into American muscle and Harleys at a very early age. Some of my first creative hobbies were built around this interest in form of pinstripe painting and airbrushing, but only the latter one is something I still do or should I say recently started doing again.

This time I had tons of fun stuff to do during the eastern holiday and couldn't manage to visit earlier, so my visit was taken during the last hour of the show. As I was barely able to stroll through the whole convention center I didn't really go full-on with the photography, but I managed to take these few shots from a few of the interesting and beautiful machines. Car photography is something I've been interested to try out but overall haven't had a chance just yet. Could be interesting to try something cool dark and gothic with a suitable car or bike and a model. The spring is only just beginning and I already have tons of ideas to shoot this summer!