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When I started Morbid North, it was first supposed to be a new creative studio mainly focusing to offer visual creative services to the music industry, but then things happened and it turned out to become a music merchandising company instead.

Now I've slowly started launching the creative studio again under the name of Samael Creative (which is based on my second name) and posting the same content on two different sites wouldn't be the most SEO friendly. I will be posting new content mostly on to the only and as I'm still working at as well, I'll only post that stuff on my personal portfolio.

Samael Creative is a small creative studio offering range of services including graphic design, photography, videography, art, and illustration. With a spiced-up attitude inspired by the darker music genres Samael Creative shows a big contrast to the common creative studios and ad agencies who like to follow trends. Samael Creative is here to break the trends and keep one step ahead of everyone else by taking risks while keeping the bar high above any mediocrity. Let the monster loose and let the chaos begin, so something new can rise again from the ashes!

Samael Creative Featured Image
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