Neon Witch

November 30, 2020

Originally I painted Neon Witch as a t-shirt illustration for myself, but it also end up on Society6 and RedBubble. After I order a few samples for myself from both places I started noticing the quality issues with the print. It took less than a year until the print had almost crumbled off altogether. So now I only sell this through Morbid North to keep the quality top-notch. After 2 years all my 3 samples are still like a new.

Neon Witch gets its inspiration from Carpenter Brut - Turbo Killer music video. Honestly, I think that's the coolest music video I've ever seen. Doesn't help that I' was a huge fan of Carpenter Brut even before that.

Tools used are pretty much just Clip Studio Paint EX. No custom brushes or anything like that. Just the basic stuff. The original sketch was done traditionally with a pen and paper.