Darkglass - Limited Edition X-ray t-shirt


T-shirt illustration commission for Darkglass Electronics.

This was a small budget commission and the goal was only to create an illustration for a t-shirt and not in any other format. The plan was to create a morbid-looking ribcage skeleton inspired by a color template from one of the H.R Giger works and the client also wanted it to glow in dark. To add the glow, the illustration had to be made in layers, so the area that would have the glow had a lighter background to make the glow pop out better.

Blood strings edition had dark red strings and I used negative space to create the logo in the middle.

For the basic idea, I only made one fast sketch during the meeting and had only two days to make the complete design from it. Surprisingly I got it done only in one night and I made two versions on which the client couldn't choose their favorite so they made both versions blood strings and glow strings version.

Glow strings edition had completely white logo and strings that both glow in the dark.

Overall this was a fun little project and it was cool to work on aesthetics I'm really into as well. These are couple of my favorite shirts to use as well.

Order your HERE while there is still couple of them left (also available in long sleeve)