Club Infektio - Promotional illustrations

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INFEKTIO has been spreading through the Helsinki club-scene since early 2011. The purpose of this fast-spreading dark virus is to provide clubbers an effective, danceable mix of industrial, EBM, rhythmic noise, futurepop and other dark electronic genres. INFEKTIO DNA has been genetically altered to accept new information, as in a place for newer bands to play live. INFEKTIO ”laboratory” is fully equipped with efficient sound- and lighting systems for a pleasant club-experience.

Dark dystopian illustrations

I've been a loyal visitor to Club Infektio since the beginning and I've been friends with the whole crew longer than I can remember. That hasn't made working together with any easier than with anyone else. Instead, as I know the whole crew is also filled with very creative and inspiring people they can be even more demanding than most of my clients.

Even though making illustrations for a club event with a very precise style might be sometimes hard, I've really enjoyed working with this dark cyberpunk styled illustrations a lot. It's really close to my personal art style so it really lets me do my own thing without too many compromises.

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Event photography

My work with Club Infektio isn't really just illustration, but I've also photographed multiple of their events, sometimes together with Tuure Kaunisto. What I've always tried to do is to keep the vibe at the same level as in my illustrations. With long exposure and camera movement, I can create these energic photos that are way more unique than regular event photos and I really think that people have really loved them because most of the party people have also grabbed them to their social media right after publishing them. Even though it's been a while I still keep seeing my photos as a people's profile picture.

Dj VoyVod: Sometimes it's hard to show how electric the show really is, but here again using long exposure and camera movement to add that extra electricity.