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Digimessut 2016 - Knight Fight event was dropped on my lap due to my personal experience with historical European martial arts.
For this, we had a photoshoot with a couple of fighters with our in-house photographer and then I edited the illustration art from them and created all marketing assets from GDN banners to our landing page.

Digimessut 2016’s Digimessut fair, which has established a strong reputation for itself, attracted a record audience in the Helsinki megastore in October.

The main attraction of the fair was the enchanting and terrifying YouTube sensation, Hydraulic Press Channel, which gave a variety of strange objects a taste of the brute force of a hydraulic press. The immensely popular demonstrations were mentioned at the end of the MTV3 television news broadcast and in the biggest tabloids.

Something analogic was also wanted at a fair that concentrated on digital devices, and therefore a Knight Fight event with medieval combat matches was arranged outside the store. During several hours of genuine Buhurt knight fights, armors clashed and fighters took hits from swords. The medieval spectacle drew a large crowd despite the cold autumn weather.

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