Businesscard design:

18/12/2020 - Business cards

A new business card I designed for When I designed these we didn't use the black background much yet, but the original inspiration came from in-store wall design our other graphic designer Kira Aimo designed and I thought it would look really good all over brand and I'm happy that that's exactly what we have been doing for the last couple years.


Another new design element is the use of V logo. When I started working at we used V logo only on our website. Soon after I started making digital signage content for our in-store advertising and outdoor advertising I soon noticed that our wide logo was way too small in vertical monitors. Especially on LED 1080x1920 monitors because the wide logo just has too much squeezed in it. So I asked permission to start using the V logo in vertical ads and that opened doors for using it more and more. Today we use in all the time from TV Ads to printed posters.

For the text side we used glossy varnishing to pop out the V from the logo

In the end, we didn't end up using this new design, but I think it was only because it was just too early for it. We didn't use these elements when I designed the new cards, but times have now changed since then and now these would represent the brand much better as we have begun using these elements further.

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