Branding: Mitoro Oy


With Mitoro, I've got to do everything for them from their re-branding to their brand new website. In this article, I'm only going through the branding and you can read about the website project HERE.

Originally my job was to only remake their old wordpress website, but as I went trought it I quickly noticed that they had close to no branding at all. Only thing keeping everything together was a simple text logo and a photoset they had done years back. So I offered to do the whole re-branding together with the new website.

The logo didn't overall need to be changed much. Rather than completely changing everything I created this green heart symbol messaging more of their eco-friendly approach to hairstyling and their used products.

The heart symbol is simple, but that little symbol alone made a huge impact on their brand making it look more quality hair salon than before. Now also heavily used on their social media it makes it easier to be recognizable even without spelling their name.

Together with their logo they also wanted to use their brand message "Puhdas ja Lempeä", but as it was also the name of one of their services I created a logo version that works together with their services. This has also made it way easier to keep everything together in their advertising materials, but more about that later.

For their typography, I chose something fairly common that will be easy to use, easy to read and fits together with the logo font. People who focus on other than creative things are not always so familiar with downloading and installing custom fonts, so it had to be something already available so they can also use it on their own.

With the branding done I also designed new window tapes doing some uplifting to their old smoky white tapes with just the name Mitoro on them.

We also removed the old ads from upper windows that completely blocked the sunlight and added the heart symbol to the right window that can be seen far away from the closest tram stop and another heart symbol around the corner that could be also seen far away from the other direction.

Overall I'm always against putting ads on windows tapes because that is giving some other brand all the spotlight instead of the company advertising them. You do not want that hair shampoo brand to take all the eyes, instead you want your own hairsalon be known and remembered.

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