Fan art: Dave Prowse


I gotta admit that I'm a fairly hardcore Star Wars fan and everyone who knows me knows that. When I grew up I never really admired the good guys, but instead, I always loved the bad guys. There were often good ideas behind their reasoning and the good guys only beat them due to the morality of what the villain was doing no matter if it was for the good or the bad.

Dave Prowse wore the suit of one of those villains I really loved. As Darth Vader, he got me into scifi that later lead me to watch other scifi like Aliens and the Fifth Element. Even though of course him alone wasn't the reason I became a Star Wars fan. Honestly, it was more about the comics than the movies for me, but he was still part of it and part of who I am today.

It's always sad to see a childhood hero to pass on, but he will live forever in our memories. Dave Prowse is Darth vader.

Dave Prowse | 1935-2020